Dot-it-Spot-it Total Protein Assay

Dot-it-Spot-it Total Protein Assay needs less than nanogram protein for analysis!

Dot-it-spot-it shows response in the range 0.15 – 5 ng BSA per dot.

Using 0.5 µL sample + 0.5 µL Dilution buffer per dot, the test can quantify in the range 0.3-10 µg BSA/mL.

All you need is a photo scanner to make quantitative detection.

Dot-it-Spot-it is an ultra-sensitive total protein assay!
Dot-it-Spot-it is an easy-to-use kit!


The results are quantified by the use of an image scanner, which measures delta blackness per pixel in the spot.   Read more…


March 2019:  We introduce a new kit for 18 dots per detection sheet.