Dot-it-Spot-it Total Protein Assay

The Future of Total Protein Assays is Here – Dot-it-Spot-it!

Step into the future of total protein assays with Dot-it-Spot-it. Say goodbye to the limitations of traditional methods and embrace a solution that offers better sensitivity, unparalleled buffer compatibility and harnessing the power of low-cost detection equipment. Empowering you to draw robust conclusions from your experimental data.

Dot-it-Spot-it is an ultra-sensitive total protein assay!
Dot-it-Spot-it is an easy-to-use kit!

Compare Sensitivity

Dot-it-Spot-it leads the way:
Consume only 1/2000th of the protein and still achieve a 5-fold better concentration sensivity!
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Compare Compatibility

Dot-it-Spot-it shows good compatibility with essential additives for protein, unlike other assays which may produce false positive signals.
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Detection Equipment

Dot-it-Spot-it represents the cutting edge: there’s no need for costly equipment investments. We use a budget-friendly, high-precision tool, significantly cheaper than spectrophotometers.


Dot-it-Spot it is available as a kit containing detection sheets, and dilution and detection solutions. Just apply 1 µL sample mixture on the detection sheet, dry and detect.   
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The results are quantified by the use of an image scanner, which measures blackness per pixel in the spot.   
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