Dot-it-Spot-it Total Protein Assay kit for 280 estimations

Price for one kit: 195 euro
Price fort two or more kit: 180 euro per kit

Start-up package for Dot-it-Spot-it Total Protein Assay kit 


    • 1 Dispensing Template with 2 clips
    • 1 light source with batteries
    • 2 reservoirs with lids
    • 1 tape roller for 10 meter

Price for 1 package when delivered together with the test kit: 24 EUR.

You can also order additional reservoirs along with their corresponding lids. These items are designed to maximize the flow of reagents through the lateral-flow membrane.

Price: 6 euro for a set of 2 reservoirs and 2 lids.

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Contact by e-mail:
Information:  info@dot-it-spot-it.com
Order test kit:  order@dot-it-spot-it.com

Web:  www.dot-it-spot-it.com

Contact by mail:
Maplestone AB
Högåsvägen 205
SE-74141 Knivsta

Visiting address:
Uppsala Biomedical Centre
Husargatan 3, D5:4
SE-751 23  Uppsala

Maplestone AB

Situated in the small village Knivsta in the middle of Sweden, is a family owned company having decades of experience from research in the biotechnology and diagnostic area. Link to LinkedIn for information about the founder and main owner Maria Lönnberg.

The Biotech part of Maplestone is focused on the novel and unique product Dot-it-Spot-it, an assay for total protein concentration estimation.

VAT No: SE556823093101

Reg. No: 556823-0931

Reg. Office: Knivsta, Sweden