Dot-it-Spot-it®  Total Protein Assay

Dot-it-Spot-it is useful for CHROMATOGRAPHY detection

Low amounts of protein cannot be detected with A280!

Dot-it-Spot-it test for control of HSA depletion column    
Depleted Flow-through fractions: 
97 µg Fetuin and < 1.5 µg HSA.
From these valuable 1 mL fractions you need only a few µL for testing.  
Eluted fractions: 
162 µg HSA and 1.7 µg Fetuin  

Dot-it-Spot-it is useful for PRE-TEST control

Depletion of cerebrospinal fluid (CSF) as a pre-step to MS analysis

CSF – check for high protein levels, it may be due to traces of blood proteins.

Follow your proteins in every pre-step. 
With Dot-it-Spot-it assay you don’t waste material. 
With Dot-it-Spot-it assay you can easily run several hundreds of samples in short time.